Wonders of Prophecy by John Urquhart

Wonders of Prophecy [Paperback]

"The Wonders of Prophecy" wasn't written to convince the mind of a committed sceptic that the Word of God is true and unique. Convincing the mind never reaches the spirit. But it was written to help the believer see the uniqueness of God's Word and fortify them against the doubts that Satan tries to raise. Urquhart takes as his subject prophecies that have already been fulfilled and shows clearly how the rich detail of what was written down hundreds of years before the events could not have come from the mind of man. Prophecies about Israel's Current History, the Empires of Daniel 2, and the Destruction of Tyre along with many more are explained in detail with citations from many historical sources showing their fulfillment. …

Paperback, 10.5-Point Type, 274 pages

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