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  1. Concise Bible Dictionary online
  2. Miller’s Church History online

Bible Study Reference Material

No other book even compares to the importance of God’s Word, the Bible. We present to you helps for finding the Bible passage you’re looking for, with various KJV concordances: Young’s concordance, Cruden’s concordance, and the very helpful Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. While Strong’s contains many helpful definitions of Bible words, you will find very in-depth definitions in Vine’s Bible Dictionary.

We also provide an excellent overview of church history, what we believe is the most Biblically-accurate Bible dictionary, and various books to help your understanding of the manners and customs of the Bible. It is our desire to make available the best Bible reference works for your Bible study.

We would love to hear your response and constructive criticism. “Rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee” (Proverbs 9:8). We will always have more to do and correct. Currently we are working on making our online version of the Concise Bible Dictionary far more useful to you. We appreciate your help. Please write to with your helpful thoughts.