Messages of God’s Love

Weekly Sunday School Paper

Messages of God's Love Subscription
4 pages/issue; 52 issues/year

1. Truth and Spiritual Training

Combining true stories from God’s Word and current lives, along with a weekly memory verse and simple articles showing the wonders of God’s creation, this gospel and child training tool targets Sunday school children and their parents.

2. The Bible Searcher and Its Reward

Included in the subscription is a monthly Bible study geared to three different age groups, with an annual book reward for all who do the study. Download current Bible Searcher issues here.

3. Still Going Strong

May 7, 1899, was the date of the first issue of a new Sunday school paper called “Messages of Love” begun by Mr. J. T. Armet and his wife. It began, “Our Dear Little Friends: If the Lord permit, we hope to have a paper like this one for you every week, telling you of God”s love to this world of sinners. What could be more wonderful to tell you about than the love of God, and that love being towards us when we had no love for Him.” By God’s good hand, that paper presenting God’s love and salvation has been continuously published from that day to this.


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