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High Value and Variety

We aim to help you share God’s Word with others. Our selection of calendars include beautiful wall calendars and appointment calendars for the encouragement of fellow Christians. In addition, we offer multiple block and book calendars prayerfully prepared to encourage believers of all spiritual ages.

Substantial effort goes into preparing our gospel calendars. We start by careful selection of gospel-oriented Bible verses that present as thorough a gospel message as we can in such a small space. Then we search through tens of thousands of pictures looking for vibrant scenes from God’s creation. Then we create the gospel wall, appointment and pocket (wallet) calendar cards giving you many different custom options along the way. Lastly, we produce in volumes that let us pass on the savings to you. We hope to encourage as wide a distribution and retention of Bible verses in homes around the world as we possibly can. Our end goal and nearly daily prayer is that God’s Word would be received and read by as many as possible. It is as living and powerful as it ever was.

We’d love your feedback. If you have any suggestions for ways that we can serve you better, we’d like to hear about it. Feel free to send us your ideas for new calendar options as well. Please write with your helpful thoughts to