Does God Love the People He Made? [Pamphlet]

Does God Love the People He Made?
Presentation Edition, Pamphlet, 10-Point Type
Page Size:
5.5" x 8.5" x .1"
32 pages
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Price Each

About This Product

No one can read it without receiving a clear gospel. Ten articles are presented in a logical order, stretching from the empty, condemned and responsible sinner through the seeking, loving, sacrificing, living and only Saviour, to the need to yield to Him and receive salvation.

No one will throw it away because it’s unattractive. They may reject the message or be in too big a rush to stop right away to consider it, but only prayer and dependence on the Lord of the harvest will ever be able to address those needs. We just feel the responsibility to use the tools and talents entrusted to us, so that your gospel contacts won’t reject this message for unnecessary natural reasons.

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People often judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately people often connect a message to its presentation. No blessing will come from a pretty cover, but souls may keep this beautiful booklet long enough to read the Word of God, which does bring blessing.

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4. Reasonable Price

We currently subsidize each copy so you can afford to give one to the friends, colleagues and neighbors you pray for each day. Knowing it would be desirable to hand out hundreds instead of dozens we are praying about several ways to reduce the costs Someday it will be more convenient for you to mass distribute them.

Your friends and acquaintances will receive firm and loving Bible teaching, addressing the lies Satan tells this generation. No doubt you’ve heard some say that only sincerely believing matters or that they just want a faith that makes them feel better about themselves. These ancient lies (in modern clothing) are addressed in a clear and loving way.

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People from every “kindred” are encouraged to come the only way to the Father, Jesus Christ.