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Rome was pushing her conquests in Palestine and Syria
The capital, Rome, is on the Tiber, about 15 miles from the sea. Founded B. C. 752. Governed by kings till B. C. 509; then by consuls till Augustus Caesar became emperor, B. C. 30. At the Christian era Rome was virtual mistress of the civilized world. Empire declined rapidly after removal of capital to Constantinople by Constantine, A. D. 328. Gospel early introduced among Romans, but Christians persecuted till time of Constantine. Palestine was ruled from Rome by kings, procurators, governors, or proconsuls. Paul wrote his celebrated epistle to the Romans from Corinth, about A. D. 58, to show that Jew and Gentile were alike subject to sin and in equal need of justification and sanctification.

Concise Bible Dictionary:

The well-known capital of Italy and the metropolis of the Roman empire. There were “strangers” from Rome at Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost, where they would doubtless hear the gospel, some may have been converted, and carried the gospel back with them (Acts 2:1010Phrygia, and Pamphylia, in Egypt, and in the parts of Libya about Cyrene, and strangers of Rome, Jews and proselytes, (Acts 2:10)). Paul wrote his epistle to the saints at Rome about A.D. 58. He was a prisoner there in his own hired house for two years, about A.D. 61-62, being, as was usual; chained to a soldier. But the gospel spread thereby, and entered Caesar’s household (Phil. 1:1313So that my bonds in Christ are manifest in all the palace, and in all other places; (Philippians 1:13); Phil. 4:2222All the saints salute you, chiefly they that are of Caesar's household. (Philippians 4:22)).
PAPAL ROME is clearly spoken of, and its doom announced in Revelation 17-18: “the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sitteth.” See under REVELATION.

Strong’s Dictionary of Greek Words:

from the base of 4517; strength; Roma, the capital of Italy
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Height; strength; might:―the capital city of Italy, Acts 2:10. {Altitudo; robur}

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