You Must Have Both

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 4
I believe in a faith that you can see, a living, work­ing faith that prompts to action. Faith without works is like a man putting all his money into the foundation of a house; and works without faith is like building a house on sand without any foundation.
You often hear people say: “The root of the matter is in him.” What would you say if I had a garden and nothing but roots in it? Suppose I hire two men to set out some trees, and at night I go to see how they are getting on. I find that one has set out a hundred trees, and the other only ten. The first man says to me, “Look at my trees! Don’t they look as well as that man’s, and he has set out only ten?”
I say to the other, “How’s this?”
“Well,” he says, “wait a short time, and you will see how it is. That man doesn’t believe in roots, and he has cut off the little roots and stuck the trees in like sticks. I have set out ten trees, roots and all.”
What roots are to the tree, faith is to the child of God. If we are to have eternal life, if we are to bear fruit, we must be rooted and grounded in Christ Jesus.