Wolfgang Christopher Dessler (Deszler) (1660-1722)

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Hymn #294. Translated by John Wesley.
W. C. Dessler was born at Nurnberg, Germany, February 11, 1660, being the son of Nicolaus Dessler, a jeweler. His father wanted him to be a goldsmith, but he was not physically suited to this so instead he went to the University of Altdorf to study theology. Poverty and bodily weakness compelled him to give up his studies. He returned to Nurnberg to work as a proof reader. He met there Erasmus Finx (a hymn writer) who guided him in translating foreign religious articles into German. In 1705 he was appointed to be the co-rector of the School of the Holy Ghost at Nurnberg. He labored with much zeal till 1720 when a stroke of paralysis made him resign. He died there on March 11, 1722, after having written over one hundred hymns. What a precious desire does he express in hymn 294!—
“Take Thou our hearts, and let them be
Forever closed to all but Thee;
Thy willing servants, let us wear
The seal of love forever there.”