Where Will You Sing?

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 4
A lovely song had just been sung. The voice was as sweet as the words and music. It was exquisitely soft and clear, and the song had been rendered with great pathos and power.
An earnest Christian who was present longed for her salvation, for as yet she was but living in pleasure and knew nothing of the joys which were his.
Crossing over to her side, he quietly remarked, as he thanked her for her song,
“You have a beautiful voice. Where will you sing in eternity?”
It was a message from God to her. She could not forget it. Each song she sang would recall it. Soon, owning her need and the wasted years, she was found a penitent in the presence of the Saviour. She now knew where she would sing in eternity; that it would be in the home of the Saviour whose precious blood had cleansed her from her sins. She knew that He would be her song as she joined with the choir of the ransomed, saying,