What Is Needed

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To be convinced of the most exalted truths, and even to enjoy them sincerely as truths, is a different thing from having the heart and the walk conformed to those truths here below. What is needed is to have the flesh-self-to be dead to the world. We may sincerely enjoy the truth as taught of God, and yet not have the flesh mortified or the heart in a state which is according to that truth practically down here. A heavenly, glorified Savior, who builds the assembly, implies that we will have His cross on earth. The flesh does not understand this. It will raise its Messiah to heaven, if you will, but to take its share of the humiliation that necessarily follows is not its idea of a glorified Messiah. The flesh must be mortified to take this place.... A Christian who is not dead to the world is but a stumbling stone to everyone who seeks to follow Christ.