What Dan Feared!

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 7
Dan was a brave boy! It seemed as though there was nothing that he was afraid of!
Every morning Dan rode to school on a pony called a "buckskin bronco." He was a very pretty pony, but was full of mischief, and often tried to buck off his rider. Sometimes Dan would get a nasty fall, but he would never give up, and finally he became such a good rider that he could even ride standing up on his pony’s back!
The other children admired Dan and wished that they could ride that way too, but they were afraid to try.
Sometimes Dan would climb the windmill on their farm, and then, while the other children stood watching and holding their breath he would catch the windmill’s tail and swing out over space, far above their heads! It made the others dizzy just to watch him, and to think how dreadful it would be if he should fall!
But there was something that brave Dan was very much afraid of, even though he was such a fearless boy! I will tell you about it.
On Sundays Dan was expected to go to Sunday school and the gospel meeting with the rest of the family. It was not so bad just to go to the meetings, but while there a Christian would sometimes come up to Dan and would ask him a question. And, oh! how Dan dreaded and feared that special question, for this is what it was, "Are you saved, Dan?"
Sometimes when he was walking down a street he would see someone that he knew was a Christian coming his way, and he would quickly turn a corner, or cross the street, for he was so afraid to meet anyone who might ask him that question!
Dan grew very troubled about his sins, and began to long with all his heart to be able to answer that question, "Yes, I am a Christian, too!" but though he wanted to be saved he still feared meeting anyone who would talk to him about it!
Perhaps no one knew of Dan’s fear and longing, but the Savior knew about it, and was seeking him! I wonder if any boy or girl who is reading my story just now would be afraid to answer my question if I should ask you, "Are you saved?"
Then one day Dan just believed what God has said in His Word, that the Lord Jesus took his place, and died for his sin! Then a wonderful thing happened—Dan no longer feared that question! Instead, he was so glad when anyone would ask him, for it gave him a chance to say, "YES! I am saved!" "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved," and you too, will be so glad to answer that question with a happy, "YES!"