W. Yerbury (Died 1863)

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(Died 1863)
Hymns #135, 152, 167.
This is all the information we have of this servant of God who found his joy in God and His Son as set forth in hymn #135. How precious in #152 to sing of the Name of our Lord Jesus, which now we love through grace. We quote from #167:
“Thy love we own, Lord Jesus;
In service unremitting
Within the vail Thou dost prevail,
Each soul for worship fitting.
Encompassed here with failure,
Each earthly refuge fails us;
Without, within, in strife with sin,—
Thy Name alone avails us.
“Thy love we own, Lord Jesus,
And wait to see Thy glory,
To know as known, and fully own
Thy perfect grace before Thee.
We plead Thy parting promise—
Come, Savior, to release us.
Then endless praise our lips shall raise
For love like Thine, Lord Jesus.”