Two Oddities of the Ocean

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The carrier shell is native to the waters of Japan, the Philippines and Malaysia. It is an unusual marine animal that looks like a pile of dead shellfish.
Although it has its own shell, parts of its body are not covered, so it seems to be looking for added protection. As it moves about on the ocean floor and finds an empty shell, it adds a thin coating of new material to the shell with its mouth. This, along with a cement it produces, enables the new shell to stick to the carrier's back wherever it chooses to place it.
This unusual little creature will often add a dozen or more shells to its back and sides. This strange habit apparently adds protection and at the same time conceals it from its enemies.
The harp shell is also a creature of tropical waters. Its strong, ribbed shell is large and beautiful with a variety of colors. Most of its time is spent plowing through the sandy ocean bottom, searching for shrimp or crabs.
Its method of catching a crab is interesting. The harp shell and the crab are enemies; the crab loves to eat the harp, and the harp loves to eat the crab. However, when they meet, the harp usually wins. When the harp finds a crab, it purposely exposes part of its "foot" which the crab immediately grabs. Since this is an expendable part of the harp, the "foot" breaks off easily and later grows back. While the crab is occupied with eating this treat, the harp moves around it, covering its enemy with a sticky substance on which it throws a mound of sand. The crab can't escape! The meal which it so eagerly accepted was really a trap. Now the harp has its turn and eats the crab.
These are strange but interesting details of sea life. We may not understand why they were created, but they are part of God's purposes in the ways of the ocean. We know these creatures were not originally made to devour one another, but their peaceful way of life was disrupted when sin came into the world. Thankfully, there is a time coming when everything will be made right. However, before that time comes, a dreadful judgment is coming. All who have refused God's gift of salvation will stand before the great white throne to hear that judgment pronounced against them.
Listen to the Bible's warning and "escape for thy life!" Turn to Christ the Savior of sinners right now, while there is still time. "The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He [knows] them that trust in Him" (Nah. 1:77The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him. (Nahum 1:7)).