"Trusting in the Dark"

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 3
Suppose I have a sick boy. I know nothing about medicine; but I call in the doctor, and put that boy’s life and everything into his hands. I do not fail to believe in him, and I do not interfere at all. Do you call that trusting in the dark? Not at all! I used my best judgment, and I put that boy’s life into the hands of a good physician.
You have a diseased soul. Put it into the hand of the Great Physician! Trust Him, and He will take care of it. He has had some of the most hopeless cases. He was able to heal all that came to Him while on earth. He is the same today.
Take another illustration. Suppose you have one thousand dollars, and there are forty thieves who want to rob you of it. I tell you that there is a bank here, and that I will introduce you to the president so that you can deposit the money. You do not know anything of the bank, save by repute. You know nothing about how the books are kept; but you take my word, and you believe my testimony, that if you deposit the money it will be safe. You go in and place the thousand dol­lars there.
We must trust God in time of trouble, in time of bereavement. You can trust Him with your soul until your dying day, if you will. Will you not do it?