Thomas Rawston Taylor (1807-1835)

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Hymn #180.
The above is the correct name of the hymn writer, not “J. R. Taylor” as shown in the Little Flock book. He was born on May 9, 1807 at Ossett, near Wakefield. His father, also Thomas Taylor, was Congregationalist minister at Bradford, Yorkshire, where younger Thomas was educated at the Free School. Later he attended Leaf Square Academy at Manchester. From ages 15 to 18 he worked first for a merchant, then a printer. At this time “religious influences” (it. could be that he was saved at this time) led him to study for the ministry at Airedale Independent College. His first assignment was the Howard Street Chapel. He also taught, but ill health overtook him and so he resigned. It was during the last days of this illness in 1835 that he is said to have written hymn #180, under the title of “Heaven is My Home.” It was written to the tune of “Robin Adair” and published (not written) in 1836 in “Memoirs and Select Remains” by W.S. Matthews. He died in his 28th year, March 7, 1835. He wrote:
“There at our Savior’s side,
In heaven our home,
We shall be glorified:
Heaven is our home!
There with the good and blest,
Those we love most and best,
We shall forever rest
In heaven our home.”