Thomas Edie Purdom

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Hymn #251.
All we know of this saint of God is that he was a physician and lived at Croydon, England.
How often have our hearts overflowed and the eyes welled up as we have arisen in the morning meeting to sing this precious worship hymn! As we are gathered around the person of the Lord to remember Him in His death and it is the mind of the Spirit for this hymn to be given out, how our hearts delight in pouring out collectively these holy, worshipful thoughts!
“Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior Thou,
With joy we worship Thee.
We know Thou hast redeemed us
By dying on the tree.
We know the love that brought Thee down,
Down from that bliss on high,
To meet our ruined souls in need,
On Calvary’s cross to die.
We praise, we worship, we adore,
As round Thyself we meet:
Thy beauty, Lord, our souls transports
While bowing at Thy feet.
Our theme of praise art Thou alone,
Thy cross, Thy work, Thy Word.
Oh, who can fathom all Thy love,
Thou living, blessed Lord?”