They Did Not Heed the Signal

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I was in the north of England in 1881, when a fearful storm swept over that part of the country. A friend of mine, who was a preacher of the gospel at Eyemouth, had a great many of the fishermen of the place in his congregation. It had been very stormy weather, and the fishermen had been detained in the harbor for a week. One day, how­ever, the sun shone out in a clear blue sky; it seemed as if the storm had passed away, and the boats started out for the fishing-ground. Forty-one boats left the harbor that day. Before they started, the harbor-master hoisted the storm signal and warned them of the coming tempest. He begged them not to go, but they dis­regarded his warning and away they went. They saw no sign of the coming storm. In a few hours, however, it swept down on that coast, and very few of those fisher­men returned. There were five or six men in each boat, and nearly all were lost in that dreadful gale. In the place where my friend preached the gospel, I believe there were three men left.
Those men were ushered into eternity because they did not give heed to the warning. I lift up the storm-signal now, and warn you to escape from the coming judgment!