They All Blackballed Him

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There was a sailor whose mother had long been pray­ing for him. One night the memory of his mother came home to this man. He thought of the days of his child­hood and made up his mind he would try and lead a different life. When he got to New York he thought he would join the Odd Fellows; he imagined that would be a good way to begin. What miserable mistakes men make when they get trying to save themselves! This man applied to a lodge of Odd Fellows for admission, but the committee found that he was a drinking man, and so they blackballed him. Then he thought he would try the Free Masons; they discovered what sort of a man he was, and they blackballed him, too.
One day he was walking along Fulton Street, when he received an invitation to come to the daily prayer meeting held there. He went in and heard about the Saviour; he received Christ into his heart, and found the peace and power he wanted. Some days after he stood up in the meeting and told his story — how the Odd Fellows had blackballed him; how the Free Masons had blackballed him; and how he came to the Lord Jesus Christ, who had not blackballed him, but took him right in.
That is what Christ will do to every penitent sinner. “This Man receiveth sinners.” Come to Him today, and He will receive you; His marvelous, sovereign grace will cover and put away all your sins.