Their Prayers Answered

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I remember when preaching on one occasion to an immense audience in the Agricultural Hall in London, a father and mother were in great distress about their ab­sent son, who had given up God’s ways and had wandered from his father’s home to the wild bush of Australia. These poor parents asked the united prayers of that vast congregation for their son, and I suppose fully 20,000 rose to the mercy seat. It was ascertained afterward that at the very hour those prayers ascended from the audience in London, that young man was riding through the Australian bush to a town a day’s ride from his camp. Something caused him to think of his home and his parents, and as he sat in the saddle, the Spirit of God worked in his heart, and he was convicted of sin. Dis­mounting, he knelt down by his horse’s side, and prayed to God for forgiveness, and in a little while he was assured of conversion. When he reached the town, he wrote the good news to his delighted mother, and asked if they would receive him at home. The answer flashed along the cable beneath the ocean:
“Come home at once.”
So afraid were they that he might arrive in the night when they were not awake to receive him, that they fastened a big bell to the door, so that all the family would be awakened as he entered.