The Wonders of God's Creation: The Human Brain - Part 1

“Who hath put wisdom in the inward parts? or who hath given understanding to the heart?” Job 38:3636Who hath put wisdom in the inward parts? or who hath given understanding to the heart? (Job 38:36).
Every part of the human body is a remarkable example of God’s handiwork, and the most outstanding part is the brain, a three-pound marvel. Because the brain is so important the Creator arranged a watery cushion around it and further protected it by a strong, one-quarter-inch-thick skull. Our brain is the most amazing of all the wonders of the world. There is nothing like it in all creation, and no one really understands how it performs. It can hold within its small space more information than all the volumes of books in the largest library in the world.
Just about every action of the body is connected with the brain. You cannot wiggle your toe until the nerve center in your brain sends out the right signal, nor can you read this article unless your brain provides the ability. The brain is something like an electrical control center with various parts of the body continually sending information to it. There the proper hookups are made, and messages are sent to the brain cells responsible for that particular duty. Then that section of the brain picks out from the 200 million tiny nerve fibers the right ones to do whatever is required.
For instance, suppose your eye is irritated by a speck of dust. Immediately the message is sent to the brain. There are about 15 billion cells there, but there is no confusion as to which ones get the message. The part of the brain that controls the eyes is in the back of the head, and this part immediately takes over. At terrific speed electrical messages are sent to the proper nerve fibers. These send instructions to the tear glands of the eye to supply moisture for washing out the dust, and another message goes to the eyelid to blink when the tears come.
Let us look at another example: when a plate of food is placed in front of you, certain cells in your brain send a message for your eyes to focus on it. Another group of cells instructs you to pick up a knife and fork. Others cause your arm to carry the food to your mouth, and still others instruct your mouth to accept the food and chew it. There is no delay about this—it is all done in an instant, and you don’t even have to think about it!
As mentioned, there are about 15 billion cells in the brain (about as many stars as there are in the Milky Way, or five to six times as many cells in every brain as there are people in the world, and all these cells were given to you at your birth!). Each cell is constantly in touch with about 100 others, and so all are interconnected to take care of every part of the body on an instant’s notice.
Only God could put all this equipment into such a small space and arrange for its performance throughout a person’s lifetime. Shouldn’t we be thanking Him for providing for us in this way? The words of David are good words for us to express as well: “Thy hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn Thy commandments.” Psalms 119:7373JOD. Thy hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn thy commandments. (Psalm 119:73).