The Way of Salvation From Evil

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The true way of non-association with evil is to be occupied with the Lord; in such occupation, sin which is still in you lies a dead letter, and other things are in abeyance. There is nothing that "deadifies" more than the habit of not minding. A person, for example, is seeking association with you. He calls, but you are occupied; he calls again, and you are occupied; he repeats his call, still you are occupied. He knows you prefer being occupied, to him, and he is mortified-the energy which first marked him is broken. Thus it is with the flesh. To be spiritually minded is life and peace; minding the things of the Spirit, being occupied with them, becomes a practical mortification-a "deadifying" process to the flesh. This I believe is the power of a true personal holiness- separation unto God being the greatest power in separation from evil.