The Unerring Guide

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
I’ve spoken to people who have traveled with guides over the Alps. During particularly dangerous spots, they would be strapped right to the guide, and he would go on before. They are fastened to the guide. So should the Christian be linked to his unerring Guide and be safely upheld.
If a man was going through the Mammoth Cave, it would be almost death to him if he strayed away from his guide — if separated from him, he would almost certainly perish. There are pitfalls in that cave, and a bottomless river, and there would be no chance for a man to find his way out of that cave without a guide or a light. So there is no chance for us to get through the dark wilderness of this world alone. It is folly for men and women to think that they can get through this evil world without the light of God’s Word and the guidance of the Divine Spirit. God sent Him to guide us through this great journey, and if we seek to work independent of Him we will fall.