The Touch of Faith: Mark 5:24-34

Mark 5:24‑34  •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 1
AR 5:24-34{
Oh, who is that among the throng,
Who so calmly walks alone,
Love resting in His face?
'Tis Christ the Lord, God's blessed Son,
Responding to the call of one
Who needs His healing grace.
One, too, there is amid that crowd,
Beneath the weight of suffering bow'd,
Unknown to all beside.
For twelve long years she bore her pain,
Spent all she had, could nothing gain,
Till Jesus she descried.
But when she sees Him drawing near,
How bounds her heart with hope and cheer,
Resolved the crowd to brave!
To touch that bless'd One's garment's hem
She knows is to “be whole;"-and then-
The touch of faith she gave.
Immediately her pains depart,
What joy, what comfort fills her heart!
She would not have it known I
She little thought that feeble touch
Had cheer'd her Savior's heart as much
As it had heal'd her own.
He felt the virtue flowing o'er
That He was trusted, which was more
Than aught she e'er could do.
And can He let the heal'd one go
Without a word or look to show
That He had loved her too?
He will not heed the callous press,
He longs to hear her lips confess
The secret of her soul.
To tell Him is to get release,
His gracious answer,-" Go in peace,
Thy faith hath made thee whole."
Lord Jesus! Thou art still the same
As when that lowly woman came
To have her pain removed.
Since Thou ascendedst to Thy throne,
How many a heart, unseen, unknown,
Thy healing power has proved!
Yes! now the streams of virtue flow
Unhinder'd, for our sin and woe-
Has all been borne by Thee.
God's glory in Thy face doth shine,
While righteousness and grace combine
To set the suff'rer free.
The feeblest look of faith on Thee
Secures salvation full and free,
And gives Thee joy and cheer,
As much in glory bright above,
As in Thy walk of lowly love,
The " Man of Sorrows " here.