The Psalms: Christ Identified with the Jewish Remnant

Psalm  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 14
The more we seize the idea that it is the Jewish Remnant with which Christ, entirely Man yet shown to be Jehovah, identifies Himself, the more we shall seize the meaning of the Psalms, and understand the path of Christ Himself. Thus even in Psa. 16, where we have the life of Christ in its divine principles so distinctly and blessedly brought forth, still He is among Jews and fidelity to Jehovah characterizes Him, see verse 4. Note the characteristics of this life. First He takes His place as Man, properly Man, and trusts in God, counting Jehovah as His Lord, and taking His place among the saints. Jehovah is the portion of His inheritance and His cup—Jehovah counsels Him, He blesses Him for it—He sets Jehovah before His face, and trusts His help, whatever come, even through death which did not affect this life nor Jehovah's power—He looks up the path of life to Jehovah's presence.