The Lord Hath Triumphed Gloriously

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 2
On resurrection ground I stand,
Where death and judgment roll between
My soul and that dark dismal land,
Where once my life and hopes had been;
Those floods which fill'd me with alarm,
My every foe Both now disarm.
The Lord hath triumph'd gloriously;
The horse and rider, where are they?
Engulf'd beneath a surging sea,
Which rolling back bars up the way;
No foe can reach me in this place,
Nor yet can I my steps retrace.
A Man of war, Jehovah is,
And He hath triumph'd gloriously;
His strength is mine, my foes are His,
Who then, my soul, can harm thee?
Thus shelter'd by the sprinkled blood,
On eagle's wings I'm brought to God.
Redeem'd by blood, redeem'd by power,
Farewell to Egypt's dark abode;
I press me onward to that hour
When, face to face, I'll see my God;
And then my theme shall ever be,
“The Lord hath triumph'd gloriously."