The Light From Heaven

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" Straight down from the throne of glory
Shone the light that enter'd Saul;
His wild wickedness forever
Ended in that wondrous fall.
What subdued him? was it judgment
In his worst and maddest hour?
Did earth open, as on Korah,
And the rebel worm devour?
God arrests him, but 'tis blessing,
Not destruction that is given;
Love comes to the chief of sinners,
Glory raises him to heaven.
Yes, that Jesus, Saul so hated,
Had redeem'd that very Saul;
'Twas his Savior he was smiting,
In " that light " he saw it all.
Oh! he found that glory brighter
Than the Eastern noon-day blaze,
For it gave him blessed vision
Upon Jesu's face to gaze.
Yes, a Savior in the glory
Did the sinner see that day,
Found a sun to light him ever,
Found " the new and living way."
Sinner, wilt thou come and read it,
Read " the glory of that light"?
'Tis the heart of God out-flowing,
Coming to thee in thy night.
Learning here how Calv'ry ended,
All that hinder'd love before,
That which shone on Saul can reach thee,
Light thy path for evermore. O. R.