The Glory of the Cross

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WHETHER we think of God's glory, or Christ's glory, or the practical effect on our hearts, it is Christ's cross, as being a real sacrifice for sin, that is really efficacious. It glorifies God, infinitely honors Christ, and perfectly blesses man, telling him he is the object of God's infinite love, and yet maintaining righteousness in His heart. Jesus was God manifest in the flesh, and, as to His Person, supremely glorious in dignity. This, indeed, enabled Him to do such a work; but never, as to His work and service, was He so glorious as He was upon the cross. I speak to you feebly, beloved reader, but is it not the truth, words, as Paul says, of truth and soberness? And this thing was not done in a corner. And now mark, too, the blessed efficacy of it for me, a poor sinner. There stood sin, death, judgment, just wrath, in my way. My conscience told me it was so, and God's word plainly declares it. Satan's power bound it down, so to speak, upon my soul, while his temptations encouraged me to go on in what led to it. God's law even did but make the matter worse for me, if I pretended to meddle with it, for its holiness condemned my transgressions. And now, for him that believes, all is taken out of the way. Sin gone, death gone, as the terrible thing I awaited-Christ has gone into it. Judgment-Christ has borne it. Wrath-there is none for me; I am assured of perfect love. Christ, in making me partake of the efficacy of His death, has set me, beyond all these things, in the light, as God is in the light-having loved me, and washed me from my sins in His own blood, and made me a king and priest to God and His Father. In rising, He has shown me this new place into which He has brought me; though, as yet, of course, I have it only by faith, and participation in that life in the power of which He has risen. Yes, dear reader, the believer is saved-he has eternal life-he is justified; he waits, no doubt, to be glorified, but he knows Him who has obtained it all for him, and that He is able to keep that which he has committed unto Him until that day.