The Closed Door

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 1
LATE! late! too late!
Ye cannot enter in.
The door is shut, in vain ye wait,
The Bridegroom's gone within.
The hour of mercy now is o'er;
Judgment hath closed the open door;
Judgment from Him whose grace before
Ye spurn'd from love of sin!
Late! late! too late!
Ye cannot enter now.
The music wakes within the gate,
The garlands crown the brow.
The heavenly strains that reach your ear,
Their very sweetness makes most drear;
Filling your hearts with boding fear,
Ye cannot enter now
Late! late! too late!
Why came ye not before?
Did He not long with patience wait,
And open keep the door?
Did He not many a message send?
Did He not woo you as a friend?
Why did ye not His voice attend?
The day of grace is o'er!
Late! late! too late!
Ye cannot enter now.
Barr'd, and forever, is the gate-
Mercy averts her blow.
The voice that call'd you to repent
Hath sworn, and He will not relent
Your day of mercy all is spent,
Ye cannot enter now!