Teach Me to Live

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 4
Teach me to live! ’Tis easier far to die –
Gently and silently to pass away –
On earth’s long night to close the heavy eye,
And waken in the realms of glorious day.
Teach me that harder lesson how to live,
To serve Thee in the darkest paths of life;
Arm me for conflict now fresh vigor give,
And make me more than conqueror in strife.
Teach me to live Thy purpose to fulfill;
Bright for Thy glory let my candle shine!
Each day renew, re-mold this stubborn will:
Closer round Thee my heart’s affections twine.
Teach me to live for self and sin no more;
But use the time remaining to me yet,
Not mine own pleasure seeking, as before –
Wasting no precious hours in vain regret.
Teach me to live my daily cross to bear;
Nor murmur though I bend beneath its load;
Only be with me; let me feel Thee near;
Thy smile sheds gladness on the darkest road.
Teach me to live with kindly words for all,
Wearing no cold, repulsive brow of gloom;
Waiting, with cheerful patience, till
Thy call Summons my spirit to its heavenly home.