Speak to Me

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 4
Speak to me now of Christ! My soul is weary
Of fighters, fears and words that have no end;
Hungry and thirsty am I yea, and longing
For sweet refreshment He alone can send.
Speak to me now of Christ not your opinion;
Comparing man to man but leads to strife;
Of Jesus let me hear my soul’s Beloved,
Whose words speak comfort, peace, eternal life!
Speak to me now of Christ, who lowly suffered
Enduring spitting, scourging, grief and shame;
He who, accused and cursed still answered nothing;
He is my Saviour let me hear His name!
Speak to me now of Christ, who now is seated
Crowned with all glory on the Father’s throne;
His eye still on the desert, lone and dreary;
He watches every footstep of His own.
And when I speak, let me speak well of Jesus,
The altogether lovely One, my Friend
My every thought of Him brings peace and comfort;
He loves me and will love me to the end.