Sincerity Vs. Truth

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
Some people tell you it makes no difference what you believe, if you are only sincere. I have heard lots of people say, “You do not think it makes any difference what a man’s creed is, do you, if he is only sincere? The disciples of Mohammed and Confucius are all right if they are only sincere.”
That is the biggest lie that ever came out of hell. A lie never lifted any one yet. It is the truth that makes us free, and it is that which we want to believe. A lie does a man no good simply because he is sincere.
Suppose that I present a check for $10,000 at some bank, and the cashier says, “Have you any money in this bank?”
I say, “No.”
“Well,” he says, “why are you trying to draw this money?”
I answer, “Well, I am very sincere about it, and I want $10,000 very much; I don’t think any man wants it more than I do.”
My earnestness will not get me that money. Some people get hold of a lie, and hold on to it. If you are wise, my friend, you will look and see if you believe the truth or not.