Samuel O'malley Cluff (1837-1910)

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Hymn Appendix #24.
Again we have drawn a blank as to this writer. All that is known comes out in the three volumes of letters of Mr. John Nelson Darby, who refers to some adverse doctrine taught by Mr. Cluff. We shall here quote the hymn written by him with such healthful spiritual desires expressed:
“Nothing but Christ, as on we tread,
The gift unpriced—God’s living bread.
With staff in hand and feet well shod,
Nothing but Christ—the Christ of God.
Everything loss for Him below,
Taking the cross where’er we go,
Showing to all, where once He trod,
Nothing but Christ—the Christ of God.
Nothing save Him, in all our ways,
Giving the theme for ceaseless praise;
Our whole resource along the road,
Nothing but Christ—the Christ of God.”