Righteous in Him

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FATHER, Thy name I bless,
Strong in Thy righteousness,
Vast is Thy love.
What hast Thou done to me?
Made me a son to Thee-
Near to Thyself to be
With Thee above.
Fountain of life Thou art-
Well-spring of love Thy heart,
Else had I lain
Steep'd in my misery,
Under death's penalty-
Wrench'd every link with Thee,
'Neath Satan's chain.
Who could such woe address?
Who could such love express?
Who but the Son?
Thou Thine own Son hast sent,
Through Him Thy love, once pent,
Now finds a righteous vent
T'wards Thine undone.
Lo! in His blessed face
Shines all Thy truth and grace;
Hark! how He saith-
Father, Thy holy will
I, only I, fulfill,
Cost what it may or will,
E'en unto death.
Oh! what that will entail’d!
Depths from man's reason vein',
Known, Lord, to Thee,
When in the sinner's stead,
Thou didst Thy spotless head
Bow 'neath the judgment dread,
Resting on me.
Raised from that judgment sea,
Life-giving Lord, in Thee!
Righteous I stand!
In Thee,-the Righteous One-
Of Thee,-the Holy One-
With the Beloved One,
At God's right hand.