Psalm 1‑150  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 11
(sacred rhythmical composition. Some were
sung and accompanied by musical
Christ, and His connection with future remnant, anticipating the Kingdom. The Spirit of Christ as wrought in the hearts of the suffering remnants of Judah and Israel in the last days, only therewith showing the Person and part Christ has taken to pave the way for them through sufferings that He might exercise sympathy in their tribulation sorrows up to the millennium (but not entering into it, excepting prophetically), issuing in praise to their exalted Deliverer from their enemies. Having moral design, it is not ever chronological.
“It is the heart of the Bible.” (J.G.B.)
Book 1, 1-41, Messiah identified with the suffering Jewish remnant (past and future) before driven out of Jerusalem (Matt. 24: 16). “Jehovah” is prominent.
Book 2, 42-72, The suffering Judah-remnant driven outside Jerusalem (cast on “God”) as antichrist prevails there.
Book 3, 73-89, The history of all Israel from Egypt to Messiah’s reign. The sanctuary is prominent.
Book 4, 90-106, The assurance and hope of Messiah’s coming and reign in righteousness and blessing. Jerusalem, the metropolis of the earth.
Book 5, 107-150, The restoration of Israel amid dangers; the exaltation of their Messiah who destroys their enemies and introduces universal praise.
Authors: David 73, Asaph 12, Sons of Korah 11, Solomon 2, Moses 1, Ethan 1, totaling 100, leaving 50 unnamed.