Part 4 Bibliography

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The writer acknowledges the sources of information used in this compilation. The main ones consulted were the following:
1. Annotations Upon Popular Hymns, by C.S. Robinson.
2. Biography of John N. Darby, by W. G. Turner.
3. Encyclopedia Britannica
4. Chief Men Among the Brethren, by Hy. Pickering.
5. Dictionary of Hymnology, by John Julian.
6. Early Days (compilation of letters), published by Loizeaux Bros.
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9. History and Use of Hymns, by D. R. Breed.
10. Memorials of Ministry of G. V. Wigram, edited by Edward Dennett.
11. Studies of Familiar Hymns, by L. F. Benson.
12. The Columbia Viking Desk Encyclopedia, Columbia University.
13. The Gospel in Hymns, by Albert E. Bailey.
14. The History of the Brethren, by Napoleon Noel.
15. The Stricken Deer, by David Cecil.
16. Who Wrote Our Hymns, by Christopher Knapp Appendix
17. Songs of Pilgrimage and Glory, by E. E. Cornwall.
Adrian Roach, Vineland, N.J. December 1975.
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