"Not I, but Christ"

Galatians 2:20  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 3
"Not I, hut Christ," be honored, loved, exalted,
"Not I, but Christ," he seen, be known, be heard,
" Not I, but Christ," in every look and action;
"Not I, but Christ," in every thought and word,
“Not I, hut Christ," my yearning supplication;
"Not I, but Christ," my longed-for, wished-for goal.
Christ, only Christ, my fondest meditation;
Christ, only Christ, theme sweetest to my soul.
"Not I, but Christ," to gently soothe in sorrow,
"Not I, but Christ," to wipe the falling tear,
"Not I, but Christ," to lift the weary burden;
"Not I, but Christ," to hush away all fear.
" Not I, hut Christ," in lowly, silent labor;
"Not I, but Christ," in humble, earnest toil;
Christ, only Christ no show, no ostentation,
Christ, none but Christ, the gatherer of the spoil.
Christ, only Christ, no idle word e'er falling:
Christ, only Christ! no endless, bustling sound;
Christ, only Christ! no self-important hearing;
Christ, only Christ! no trace of "I" be found,
Christ, only Christ, e'er long will fill my vision,
Glory excelling, soon, full soon I'll see— Christ, only
Christ, my every wish fulfilling,
Christ, only Christ, my "All-in-All" to be!