No, No: John 6:37

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OH 6:37{IT is related of the great Bishop Butler that in his closing hours his uneasiness and restlessness manifested itself, and he gave utterance to what passed through his mind, thus: “Though I have tried to avoid sin, and to please God to the utmost of my power, yet, from being conscious of my constant weakness, I am afraid to die." “My lord," said his chaplain, "you forget that Jesus Christ is a Savior." “True," replied the bishop; "but how shall I know that He is a Savior for me?" The chaplain replied, "It is written, 'him that cometh to me I will in nowise (ου μη) cast out.'" "True," said the bishop, "and I have read that scripture a thousand times, but I never felt its full value till this moment. Stop there, for now I die happy."
I am more than ever struck with the way in which scripture gives prominence to the Person of Christ, as the testimony of the gospel; a Christ who is in the glory of God, having by His death first settled the question of sin. A Christ who is in the glory of God, as the proof that God is completely glorified in the putting away the sins of all who believe in Jesus, and in whose face shines the glory of God, is the Savior for a poor sinner to-day and forever. Just think a moment what an immense thing it is to be able to point a sinner to a Savior in glory; a Savior who was on the cross, over whose soul all the waves and billows of judgment rolled; who passed through death's dark raging flood, a Savior who was dead, but who is now "the living One;" a Savior who now occupies the throne of the Father, soon to be on His own throne.
It was a Savior that Philip preached; a Savior the jailer at Philippi received; a Savior the poor thief on the cross vindicated and trusted in; a Savior Lord; a Savior he went to be with that very day in paradise. It was a Savior in glory who was revealed in the heart of Saul of Tarsus, while he was wasting and persecuting the saints. I have a heart to be satisfied, as well as a conscience to be met. The Savior whose blood alone can perfectly purge my conscience, can alone meet and satisfy my heart. Such a Savior says, "Him that cometh to me I will in nowise cast out." W. T. T.