Mrs. John Alfred Trench (1843-1925)

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Gathered to the Lord’s Name
Hymns #82, 127, 254, Appendix 35.
Janetta W. Taylor was the daughter of Wilbraham Taylor. (Her mother’s maiden name was Janetta Goset) She was married on May 25, 1866 to John Alfred Trench, a friend of J. N. Darby and a teacher among the gathered saints. Some of her earlier hymns were printed as leaflets, but her later and best ones are in the Little Flock. We quote from another:
“These hymns are more than meager expressions of truth; they contain a satisfying fullness that overflows, evidently the outcome of truth enjoyed, for ‘out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh’.”
Hymn #254 she wrote on the occasion of her own baptism. And who can measure the sublimity of “How Blest a Home!”-4127? She also compiled a book of children’s hymns called “Our Own.”
She and her husband walked the path of faith together sharing the joys of the Lord. About three months before he went to that blest home (March 28, 1925) he wrote: “I feel as one brought to the confines of the eternal world, and finding all stand that I have believed, and the blessedness of having no other resting place but the finished work of Christ.”
Mrs. Trench lived on to June 14, 1925 (having been born January 31, 1843), and as she entered her last short illness often repeated poems of her old friend and sister in the Lord Mrs. Frances Bevan. She is now with the blessed Savior of Whom she wrote:
“Jesus, Thou alone art worthy
Ceaseless praises to receive,
For Thy love and grace and goodness
Rise o’er all our thoughts conceive.
“With adoring hearts we render
Honor to Thy precious Name,
Overflowing with Thy mercies
Far and wide Thy worth proclaim.
“Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise the Savior,
Saints aloud your voices raise-
Praise Him! Praise Him!–till in heaven
Perfected we’ll sing His praise.”