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Hymn #264.
We quote his hymn:
“Thou sit’st on high, eternal Word,
As Son of Man, as sov’reign Lord,
And now, by faith, on Thee we rest
Till all Thy title have confessed.
“Thou hast our souls from sins made clean,
Thy Spirit gives us strength within;
Whilst Thou for us in all our need
At God’s right hand dost ever plead.
“O keep us in the narrow way
That ne’er from Thee our footsteps stray;
Sustain our weakness, calm our fear,
And to Thy presence keep us near.
“O be it thus till that blest day
When God shall wipe all tears away.
Quickly, ‘tis promised in the Word,
E’en so, Amen, come quickly, Lord.”
What a well rounded outline of truth do we have here! Stanza 1 gives us a glorified Man, the eternal Son in heaven. This is Christianity! In verse 2 we have the indwelling of the Spirit and the priestly work of the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven. The third gives expressed dependence and the secret of communion. The fourth carries us on to the day of glory and rest to be ushered in by His coming—that One for Whom we wait.