Miss Marianne Nunn (1778-1847)

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Possibly Anglican
Hymn Appendix #84.
This author was born in Colchester, Essex, England on May 17, 1778. She lived much in retirement and was never married. The hymn was first published by her brother John Nunn, a minister, in a book “Psalms and Hymns.” It was first brought to America by a Dr. Leavitt in “The Christian Lyre” in 1830 and has been repeated much here since. How she must have enjoyed the love of Christ as she penned those lines! Paul could say “the love of Christ constraineth us.” In 1847 she went to that Friend she had found on earth and Whose love meant so much to her.
“We have found a Friend in Jesus;
Oh, how He loves!
‘Tis His great delight to bless us;
Oh, how He loves!
How our hearts delight to hear Him
Bid us dwell in safety near Him!
Why should we distrust or fear Him?
Oh, how He loves!”