Miss Caroline Dent (1815-1887+)

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Hymn #260.
Miss Caroline Dent was born August 14, 1815, being great-granddaughter of John Collet Ryland and great-grandniece to John Ryland (a hymn writer and Baptist minister). She was born at Milton, near to Northampton where she was still residing in 1887, the last date known as to her life. Her date of death is not available, but she was still living in 1887. In 1854 she published a book, ‘Thoughts and Sketches in Verse,” mostly her own composition and the rest by her sister Mrs. Trestrail. How we all enjoy the expressions in her hymn #260, from which we now quote:
“Lord Jesus, Come, and take Thy rightful place
As Son of Man, of all the theme!
Come, Lord, to reign o’er all supreme,
Lord Jesus, Come!
Lord Jesus, Come, and let Thy glory shine,
That quickly these changed bodies may
Each one reflect a living ray.
Lord Jesus, Come!”