Miss A. E. Price

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
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Hymn #124.
Miss Price has really given us a lovely hymn. The heights the Lord Jesus stooped from, His path here, His place in glory still loving us there, and His coming again! She must have found her satisfying portion in the Lord Jesus Christ. She is with Him now, yet awaiting until “heaven’s morning breaks and glory dawns.”
“Jesus, our Lord, Thou morning star,
How well we know Thy Name!
Jesus, the Lord, the crucified—
In glory still the same.
Jesus, the One Who left the throne
To save a ruined race,
Thy love and lowliness still shine
Upon that glorious face.
Jesus, our Savior, quickly come,
That we may with Thee be!
Heaven’s morning breaks and glory dawns
When Thy blest face we see.”