Mary Jane Deck (Mrs. M. J. Walker) (? - 1878)

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Hymns 438, Appendix #3.
Jane Deck was the sister to J.G. Deck, but date of birth is lacking. She married the English clergyman Dr. Edward Walker, rector of Cheltenham, in 1848. A few of her poems were issued as leaflets, but most were contributed to a collection of lyrics which was compiled by her husband. This was called “Psalms and Hymns for Public and Social Worship” and was published in 1855. One of her hymns contains the following stanza:
“Jesus, the Father’s only Son,
Jesus, His own beloved One,
Jesus, now seated at His side,
Hath claimed us for His own, His bride.
Of Him and His the Spirit tells,
Upon His love He sweetly dwells;
And while we listen to His voice
We wonder, worship, and rejoice!”
This sister went home to glory July 2, 1878, and from her own hymn, #3 in the Appendix, we learn what she is enjoying now more fully:
“Yea, in the fullness of His grace,
God put me in the children’s place,
Where I may gaze upon His face,
O Lamb of God, in Thee!”