Living Christ

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Even if you feel like you cannot talk about Christ, you can live Him.
A young lady, a daughter of one of the wealthiest merchants in London, felt that she could not speak much for Christ, but I learned that every Sunday afternoon she stole out from that magnificent home of hers and went to an old man who could not speak the English language, but could only speak Gaelic. This girl could read in that language. So every Sunday afternoon she went and read to him, because that was the time of all the week when he was tempted to get drunk, and she wanted him to be saved.
Another case interested me very much. When I was in London, I heard about something that one of the wealthiest young men of the city did. He was an only son of one of the leading London bankers, a young man coming into possession of millions, a student at Cambridge University. Despite his worldly success, he felt ill-equipped to speak to others of Christ in the inquiry meetings and work in that way. However, one day he went out to a cabman one night and said, “I will pay you your regular fee by the hour if you will go in and hear Mr. Moody preach. I will act as cabman and take care of your horse.”
On that cold, bleak night in London, that gentle­man stood by the cabman’s horse and let him go and hear the Gospel. He was gone about two hours, and all the while that young man stood there confessing Christ silently.
I said to a Scotchman one day as he stayed to the meeting after, “Would you speak to that young man there?”
He was a great manufacturer. He said, “Mr. Moody, I am very reticent; I don’t know that I could do that.”
I said, “Perhaps you can help him; I wish you would speak to him.”
He sat down beside the young man and found him to be a workingman. He said that every Saturday noon when he was paid off and went home to get his dinner, a terrible thirst for strong drink came over him, and that by Monday all his wages were drunk up.
This gentleman asked, “What time do you get your dinner?”
He told him. The next Saturday afternoon that great manufacturer was there and spent the whole afternoon with him. The next Saturday he came again, and he kept at it until that man was delivered from the power of strong drink.
That is a good way to confess Christ. If you can’t do it with your lips, you can do it in some way. Watch for opportunities to let the world know on whose side you stand.