Josiah Hopkins (1786-1862)

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Hymn #31 Appendix
Josiah Hopkins was born April 18, 1786 at Pittsford, Vermont. Details are missing as to how he was converted to Christ. His confession of faith in the Lord Jesus and His precious work are told out so touchingly in the hymn he has written. He was found wandering in a desert wide and the Lord’s love drew him from it.
He was linked with the Congregationalist church from 1803 to 1830. He received his M.A. degree (1813) and that of D.D. (1843) from Middlebury College. He was twice married: first, to Miss Orril Dike, of Pittsford, in 1808, and later to Lavinia Fenton, of Rutland, Vermont. He had one daughter and was survived by his wife. His work of ministry began in New England after he graduated from Auburn Theological Seminary at New Haven, Vermont, June 14, 1809. From there it appears he went to New Haven, Connecticut where he labored from 1809 to 1830. He is next found with the First Presbyterian Church of Auburn, New York from 1830 to 1846. He next preached the word in the vicinity of Seneca Falls from 1851 to 1855. He went to be with the One Who had found him in the “desert wide” June 21, 1862 at Geneva, New York where he was a patient in the Water Cure, receiving treatment for asthma.
He also wrote that challenging gospel hymn, “Oh turn ye, oh turn ye, for why will ye die?” (see Echoes of Grace Hymn Book.)
“Lord, we worship and adore Thee
For Thy rich, Thy matchless grace,
Perfect soon in joy before Thee
We shall see Thee face to face.
Yet e’en now our song shall be,
Jesus gave Himself for me.