John Gambold (1711-1771)

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Hymn #250.
John Gambold was born April 10, 1711 at Puncheston, Pembrokeshire in the southwest part of Wales. His father was the vicar of the parish. He was educated at Christ Church, Oxford, graduating in 1730 with his B.A. degree. His M.A. degree he secured in 1734. We have no details of his conversion but we do see his confidence in the Lord expressed in his hymn:
“Let us our feebleness recline
On that eternal love of Thine,
And human thoughts forget;
Childlike attend what Thou wilt say,
Go forth and serve Thee while ‘tis day,
Nor leave our sweet retreat.”
In 1739 he became an Anglican clergyman at Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire, but resigned in 1742 and joined the United Brethren (Moravians). He was chosen by them to be a Bishop in
1751. He had published an edition of the Greek New Testament and other works. He translated 26 hymns and wrote 18 more for the Moravian Hymn Book. He passed on to where he no longer is concerned in passing “through the world’s deserts rude and waste, or through its gardens fair,” nor being where “the storms of trouble sweep.” How good is the rest of God, our rest to come!