John Beaumont (―)

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Gathered to the Lord’s Name
Hymn #238.
Just a brief reference to John Beaumont in N. Noel’s “History of the Brethren” is accessible at this time. He is there seen preaching the gospel in 1871 among those gathered to the Lord’s Name. Mr. Napoleon Noel sat under the Word by him. When Mr. Wigram died in 1879 John Beaumont was one of those who took part in the services at the grave. He read a few passages from the New Testament, concluding with the closing verses of the Book of Revelation. What lovely thoughts he expresses in these words! —
“When faith and hope shall cease, and love abide alone,
Then shall we see Him face to face, and know as known;
Still shall we lift our voice, His praise our song shall be;
And we shall in His love rejoice, Who set us free.”