Johann Christian Jacobi (1670-1750)

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Hymn #33.
J. C. Jacobi was born in Germany in the year 1670.
However, he lived in England from 1708 to his death in 1750, being appointed keeper of the Royal German Chapel at St. James Palace, London. In 1722 he wrote a hymn which begins with the words,
“Holy Ghost! dispel our sadness,
Pierce the clouds of nature’s light.
Come, Thou source of joy and gladness,
Breathe Thy life, and spread Thy light.”
The same year he published a translation of German hymns under the title of “Psalmodia Germanica.” He first introduced Martin Luther’s hymn “Ein Feste Borg ist Unser Gott” (A Mighty Fortress is our God) into the English language. He died December 14, 1750, and was buried in the Church of St. Paul’s, Convent Garden. What he rested on for salvation is clearly set forth in his hymn:
“Jesus, Captain of salvation,
Conq’ror both of death and hell!
Thou Who didst as sin’s oblation
Feel what Thou alone couldst feel.
Through Thy sufferings, death, and merit
We eternal bliss inherit.
Thousand thousand thanks to Thee,
Jesus, Lord, forever be!”