Johann Andreas Rothe (1688-1758)

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Lutheran (then Moravian)
Hymn #26 (translated by John Wesley).
J. A. Rothe was born on May 12, 1688 at Lissa, near Gorlitz, Silesia, in Germany, his father Aegidius Rothe being pastor there. In 1708 he entered Leipzig University to study theology and graduated with his M.A. degree in 1712. He began preaching at Gōrlitz, near his home. When and how he was brought to the knowledge of Christ as Savior we know not. We are dependent on the hymn for his expression of faith and confidence in the Lord Jesus and His blood.
In 1722 Count von Zinzendorf (founder of the Moravians) heard him preach and that faithful preacher of the gospel invited Rothe to take up a pastorate at Berthelsdorf, where he began his labors August 30, 1722. One has written of him:
“Rothe was a man of considerable gift and of unbending integrity, fearless, and an impressive preacher. His hymns, about forty in all, though they can hardly be said to rank high as poetry, are yet often characterized by glow and tenderness of feeling, and by depth of Christian experience.”
He died in 1758 at the age of seventy.
“O Love divine, Thou vast abyss!
Our sins are swallowed up in Thee;
Covered is our unrighteousness;
From condemnation we are free;
In Jesus’ blood our hearts can trace
The boundless riches of Thy grace.”