James Harrington Evans (1785-1849)

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Hymn #237.
J.H. Evans was born April 15, 1785, being the son of Dr. Evans, the priest-vicar at Salisbury Cathedral. He was educated at Wapham College, Oxford, from which he graduated in 1803. The story of his conversion is not available, but his confidence in the Lord Jesus is clearly set forth in his hymn:
“His faithfulness, forever sure,
For endless ages will endure;
His perfect work will ever prove
The depths of His unchanging love.”
In 1808 he became an Anglican clergyman, but in 1815 withdrew from that position to be a Baptist minister. He served at John Street Baptist Chapel, Gray’s Inn Road, London, for many years. His death took place at Stonehaven, Scotland, on December 1, 1849. He had published in 1818 a book entitled, “Hymns, Selected Chiefly for Public Worship,” containing 179 hymns, of which several were his own.